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Praise back your sanity!

“For Abraham hoped in faith that he should become the father of many nations…
He did not weaken in faith when he considered the [utter] impotence of his own body which was as good as dead because he was about a hundred years old, or [when he considered] the barrenness of Sarah’s [deadened] womb.

No unbelief or distrust made him waver concerning the promise of God, but he grew strong and was empowered by faith as he gave praise and glory to God.” Rom 4:18-20
You’ve probably wondered why there seem to be a lot of good promises concerning you in God’s word, but the circumstances surrounding your life just seem to antagonize EVERYTHING!

Someone probably prophesied some amazing stuff concerning you, but you are just not seeing it happen. This is probably driving you INSANE!

Hey! Father Abe had reasons to go nuts too! Did you hear he was ‘utterly impotent’?!

But the bible recorded that instead of going about in self-pity, he was strengthened in faith!

Yes! He ‘was empowered by faith AS HE GAVE PRAISE AND GLORY TO GOD’! 

Asaph had insomnia! He was going crazy too! He yelled all day and lost sleep at night. He said, “I yell out to my God, I yell with all my might, I yell at the top of my lungs… I remember God– and shake my head–then wring my hands. I’m awake all night–not a wink of sleep; I can’t even say what’s bothering me”
But Asaph and Father Abe learnt to handle their situations. Father Abe grew strong and was empowered by faith as he gave praise to God. Asaph too. From their situations, I have come to learn that praise renews your mind and restores your sanity.
As we praise, we remember God’s mighty hand. Praise reminds us of who God is. Praise helps us to go over what God has done and reassure our hearts like Father Abe.

As we open our hearts to praise and declare who God is, our minds begin to align itself to these truths. As we call God ‘saviour’, ‘healer’, ‘deliverer’, our hearts are strengthened in this reality.

It is our strong focus on what society says, what the doctors report says, what the bills are telling us that saps out our sanity.

So in simple terms, shift focus and regain sanity! Let your heart be fixed on God and His amazing deeds, and you will see that life can be reasonable.

“I have set the Lord before me continuously, because He stands at my right hand, I will stand firm”. David.

And as we begin to declare who God is to us, our lives begin to conform to the image of Him we have declared.
So we can boldly say, ‘Jesus, you are beautiful’ and our lives begin to express His beauty, because He echoes those words back to us and says ‘Son, you are beautiful’.

As we honor Him, He clothes us in His honor.

I recommend that you always have a praise-phrase on your lips. Let phrases like ‘perfect healer’, ‘beautiful savior’, ‘thank you Jesus’ fill your mouth as you praise your way back to unwavering faith.

Finally, Asaph agreed to help conclude this 😉. This is what he has to say.
I found myself in trouble and went looking for my Lord;

my life was an open wound that wouldn’t heal.

When friends said, “Everything will turn out all right,”

I didn’t believe a word they said.

I remember God—and shake my head.

I bow my head—then wring my hands.

I’m awake all night—not a wink of sleep;

I can’t even say what’s bothering me.

I go over the days one by one,

I ponder the years gone by.

I strum my lute all through the night,

wondering how to get my life together.

Will the Lord walk off and leave us for good?

Will he never smile again?

Is his love worn threadbare?

Has his salvation promise burned out?

Has God forgotten his manners?

Has he angrily stalked off and left us?

“Just my luck,” I said. “The High God goes out of business

just the moment I need him.”

Once again I’ll go over what God has done,

lay out on the table the ancient wonders;

I’ll ponder all the things you’ve accomplished,

and give a long, loving look at your acts.

O God! Your way is holy!

No god is great like God!

You’re the God who makes things happen;

you showed everyone what you can do—

You pulled your people out of the worst kind of trouble,

rescued the children of Jacob and Joseph.

Ocean saw you in action, God,

saw you and trembled with fear;

Deep Ocean was scared to death.

Clouds belched buckets of rain,

Sky exploded with thunder,

your arrows flashing this way and that.

From Whirlwind came your thundering voice,

Lightning exposed the world,

Earth reeled and rocked.

You strode right through Ocean,

walked straight through roaring Ocean,

but nobody saw you come or go.

Hidden in the hands of Moses and Aaron,

You led your people like a flock of sheep“. Psalm 77:2-20

At one end, Asaph was all down with discouragement. But he rose again in praise. This is what it means to praise back your sanity!

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I write because pens have superpowers to either change your perspectives or widen them.

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