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More than conquerors

By Ann Icha 

In our battles against foes
In our struggles with woes
In the tempestuous storms of temptation
In the drowning seas of limitations
In our stumbling, in our pain
There lies a greater gain
For though we fall, we shall rise again

For conquering isn’t accomplished
Until He says ‘it is finished’
Even when you return famished
Glee fills your heart knowing that the battles have vanished
So through it all we have a hope
Thus, we should not in sadness mope
Nor in darkness grope

For always a tunnel’s end bears light
For those who persevere to win the fight
A reward awaits much greater than gold
Because through Him we are made bold

Finally …
A word to hear
For our hearts to cheer
From our master Jehovah
Our chief commander
The lion of the tribe of Judah
The Alpha and Omega
The one who reigns victorious
Always and forever glorious

Lift up your heads and hearts
A voice calls from heavens deepest parts

In all you shall triumph gallantly
In all you shall come out triumphantly
In all you are winning warriors




I write because pens have superpowers to either change your perspectives or widen them.

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