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You are not the center

Sometimes I hope I’m not the only one who has noticed that it is easier to sing songs that talk about us than songs that talk about someone else.

It seems to be more comfortable to sing songs that declare who we are in Christ and the magnitude of the blessings we desire.

Of course, this is very good especially for the renewing of our minds and putting us back on the pathway to unwavering faith.

But this is not the ultimate purpose of our worship. Worship is Christ focused, not man focused.

If every song you sing always points back to you, if every act of worship is always about you, then there is something wrong with your heart of worship.

Sing songs that renew your mind. Sing songs that bring comfort to you. Its really good. In fact, it’s necessary. But in a bid to be a balanced worshiper, learn what it means to sing songs that talk about Jesus. Learn what it means to sing songs that are solely for the praise of our King. Let your giving, your service to God be for our king.

To the worship leader; 

This is a personal thought that is not binding in any way. For church worship, I feel your choice of songs should always focus on Jesus, His redemptive work and all.

A worship session is not a prayer session or confession time. Lead people to God’s presence. Lead them in a love expression session.

But at other times, when the need comes, or at the call of your pastor, sing songs that bring people to an awareness of who they are in Christ. Sing prayer songs. Sing songs that bring hope, stir up faith and passion in the heart’s of people.

But in the ultimate, our worship is ALL ABOUT JESUS.

This is my sincere thought.




I write because pens have superpowers to either change your perspectives or widen them.

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