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“Come and see these ones
Who have turned the world upside down”
Ha-ha! No!
They are turning the world the right side up!

A new breed of humans
The greatest faculties on earth
Darkness melts away in their presence
For they carry a light that wavers not

They are the desire of all men
The fathers were not perfect without them
Creation longed for their manifestation
The eye of a brewing storm
Not unto destruction
Divinity in man?
“You must be kidding!”

You ask;
“Could they be angels?
How is that possible?”

I reply;
“They are far greater;
Sons of the Father”

The world is about to see a new light
We shine with all our might
Our land is stepping out of the night
The break of dawn is at the moment just right
The army of aliens we put to flight
Glory to God
And like one I fight


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The Holy Spirit

An Ode 

I remember the first day You showed up
We thought You were some kinda fire
We were wowed by Your appearance
Getting to know You had made You our
Utmost desire

I remember the first day You showed up
We were timid and cowering in fear
Locked up in a room
You came like the rain
A mighty rushing wind
Your voice You opened our souls to hear

You made heroes out of cowards
Peter spoke heaven’s words
Who would believe he could be so brave?
That marked the start of a new wave

Oh Holy Spirit
You have brought home
The presence of the Father
Here just as in heaven
We wake daily to a new wonder

O Holy Spirit
You have brought home
The presence of the Father
In our world You have found expression
Every interaction with us, an encounter

Sickness bows!
Mountains melt!
The earth quakes!
Demons screech in fear!
This is crazy!
You’ve turned our world around
By working in mortal flesh!

You have shined on our hearts
The knowledge of Jesus
We know all things!
Nothing intimidates us!

O how I love You
Can’t imagine life without you
When Dad sent You
It was hard understanding You
But You came like fire
And our hearts melted for You

You have taught us
The true culture of heaven
You stir up praise
You enable us pray
Joy and Peace all the way
For You we yearn every other day!

I sense a new wave!
A new season of Your Power!
We are the final batch!
Reveal Jesus again!
Let our world quake one more time!


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My words; My Power

Part 2- Changing the world

Hey there! 

It’s no longer news, I believe, that death and life still remains in the power of the tongue! 

And this also has prompted me to say to you that kings don’t rule by sign language!  Authority is expressed in words! 

I wanna see the world around me transformed and it’s my responsibility to speak the right words into the atmosphere of my community.

      Ignorant judges!            Head-in-the-sand.         judges!

They haven’t a clue to what’s going on.

And now everything’s falling apart,

the world’s coming unglued.

I commissioned you judges, each one of you,

deputies of the High God,

But you’ve betrayed your commission

and now you’re stripped of your rank, busted.  


Another translation says,”ye are gods“!

Things don’t have to fall apart!  Your words can bring comfort to the discouraged and strength to the weary! 

For ye are gods! 

Your words can bring healing to the sick and direction to the confused!  

For ye are gods! 

Never forget that! 

What you say has effects on your world. 

As a worship leader, what you sing has effects on your congregation. 

Stand in your position as king, and declare what’s positive into your community. Change your world. 

I call you blessed. 

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My Words; My Power

Part 1 

The last I checked, death and life still remains in the power of the tongue.

So, why would a believer speak with so much  defeat and low esteem?

Why would a Christian think that his declaration of failures and weaknesses is the best thing to do?

Why would a Christian think he can just speak life defining words without thinking about them?

Well,  the last I checked,  death and life still remains in the power of the tongue!

A wise king once said,” a man’s belly shall be satisfied with the fruit of his mouth;  and with the increase of his lips shall he be filled”.

Why then would anyone want to be satisfied with failures and weaknesses?  Really?!

There are precious promises laid up for us in God’s word,  and it’s our responsibility to call them forth by our words because;

The last I checked, death and life still remains in the power of the tongue. words-are-powerful-by-susanne-heaton.jpg

As a worship leader, I have heard songs that only brought me back to the place of my wrongs, misdeeds, disappointments and failures instead of pointing me to the hope and grace in Jesus.

There is a song in my language that says that there is a “but” in my life (sùgbón kan ń be láyé mi). Really, that song is meant to be a prayer, but it only brings me back to a consciousness of my failures!

Another one says,”I’ve come to you with my problems”. Whoa! I ain’t got no problems!  I only see Jesus, and His story is my story!

I’m not saying there are no issues, but I choose to see Jesus! (Check out my poem- “Gaze” here on glorysounds)

The words we say or sing have the power to transform us, heal us or hurt us because;

The last I checked, death and life still remains in the power of the tongue. 0vq5310865.jpg

It is the Spirit that causes you to live. The body alone is worth nothing. The words that I have spoken to you are spirit. They cause you to live. John 6:63

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God bumps!

When He walks into the room
There is a shift in the atmosphere
The breeze accompanies His presence
And melts away every fear

When He walks into the room
He reaches out to us in amazing ways
Deep calls unto deep
And our hearts respond to love and grace

When He walks into the room
We encounter heaven
Angels herald His arrival
As we look to catch a glimpse of Him

In one moment of worship
Just one moment of a heart connection
Our hearts throb at His glory
And our skins appear like fish scales

God bumps!
That’s what I call them
Little dots that speak volumes
Of our love for Him
Overwhelming joy that fills our eyes with tears

They tell of how special the moment is
The sacredness
The glory
The holiness
The magnificence
The awesomeness
The call to love and intimacy

Something in us responds to this call
This trumpet sound
That comes in whispers of love
And beyond words,
We let out God-bumps on our flesh
I guess you know what I’m talking about

It’s a feeling of awe
More than words can express
A feeling that births cravings for His presence
More intimacy
More koinonia
More hunger
More love