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God bumps!

When He walks into the room
There is a shift in the atmosphere
The breeze accompanies His presence
And melts away every fear

When He walks into the room
He reaches out to us in amazing ways
Deep calls unto deep
And our hearts respond to love and grace

When He walks into the room
We encounter heaven
Angels herald His arrival
As we look to catch a glimpse of Him

In one moment of worship
Just one moment of a heart connection
Our hearts throb at His glory
And our skins appear like fish scales

God bumps!
That’s what I call them
Little dots that speak volumes
Of our love for Him
Overwhelming joy that fills our eyes with tears

They tell of how special the moment is
The sacredness
The glory
The holiness
The magnificence
The awesomeness
The call to love and intimacy

Something in us responds to this call
This trumpet sound
That comes in whispers of love
And beyond words,
We let out God-bumps on our flesh
I guess you know what I’m talking about

It’s a feeling of awe
More than words can express
A feeling that births cravings for His presence
More intimacy
More koinonia
More hunger
More love



I write because pens have superpowers to either change your perspectives or widen them.

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