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My Words; My Power

Part 1 

The last I checked, death and life still remains in the power of the tongue.

So, why would a believer speak with so much  defeat and low esteem?

Why would a Christian think that his declaration of failures and weaknesses is the best thing to do?

Why would a Christian think he can just speak life defining words without thinking about them?

Well,  the last I checked,  death and life still remains in the power of the tongue!

A wise king once said,” a man’s belly shall be satisfied with the fruit of his mouth;  and with the increase of his lips shall he be filled”.

Why then would anyone want to be satisfied with failures and weaknesses?  Really?!

There are precious promises laid up for us in God’s word,  and it’s our responsibility to call them forth by our words because;

The last I checked, death and life still remains in the power of the tongue. words-are-powerful-by-susanne-heaton.jpg

As a worship leader, I have heard songs that only brought me back to the place of my wrongs, misdeeds, disappointments and failures instead of pointing me to the hope and grace in Jesus.

There is a song in my language that says that there is a “but” in my life (sùgbón kan ń be láyé mi). Really, that song is meant to be a prayer, but it only brings me back to a consciousness of my failures!

Another one says,”I’ve come to you with my problems”. Whoa! I ain’t got no problems!  I only see Jesus, and His story is my story!

I’m not saying there are no issues, but I choose to see Jesus! (Check out my poem- “Gaze” here on glorysounds)

The words we say or sing have the power to transform us, heal us or hurt us because;

The last I checked, death and life still remains in the power of the tongue. 0vq5310865.jpg

It is the Spirit that causes you to live. The body alone is worth nothing. The words that I have spoken to you are spirit. They cause you to live. John 6:63



I write because pens have superpowers to either change your perspectives or widen them.

5 thoughts on “My Words; My Power

  1. leant something from here.
    rather than think & dwell on matters that could weight us down,we’ll rather look up unto Jesus.’cause its from him we draw strength. & it also helps us to grow stronger, since our focus is on the ALMIGHTY(mighty in all)one.

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  2. There’s a lot of truth to this, i think… And I believe we often fail to realise the power in our words as ‘restored Adams’ but i keep wondering if there’s a place for being ‘raw’ or ‘real’ with God… The psalms seem to contain a lot of both sides… And David was a man after God’s heart…

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    1. True. This is not a call to denial, but acceptance. We are not denying that there are issues going on in our lives, but we are shifting our focus on a greater reality of God’s grace and goodness. That is what we choose to accept.


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