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“Come and see these ones
Who have turned the world upside down”
Ha-ha! No!
They are turning the world the right side up!

A new breed of humans
The greatest faculties on earth
Darkness melts away in their presence
For they carry a light that wavers not

They are the desire of all men
The fathers were not perfect without them
Creation longed for their manifestation
The eye of a brewing storm
Not unto destruction
Divinity in man?
“You must be kidding!”

You ask;
“Could they be angels?
How is that possible?”

I reply;
“They are far greater;
Sons of the Father”

The world is about to see a new light
We shine with all our might
Our land is stepping out of the night
The break of dawn is at the moment just right
The army of aliens we put to flight
Glory to God
And like one I fight




I write because pens have superpowers to either change your perspectives or widen them.

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