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Early will I rise to praise You
For among thorns You have lifted me
You have set me on high
And have caused me to ride the winds
Angels behold your wondrous works
Kings of nations stand in awe
Of what You are doing among the sons of men

Oh we will praise You
For out of us You have raised kings
You made the impossible possible
Making us leap for joy

Rejoice Zion!
Your day of visitation has come again
Rejoice God’s angels!
For your eyes will see
The manifestations of the sons of God

Grace has visited the earth
Love oozes out of our hearts
God’s Spirit is on the move again
Generations to come will not recover

Good news has come to the inhabitants of the earth
Shock will grip all who hear
For it shall be too wondrous to listen to

So rejoice!
For your day of visitation has come
No one will be able to hold you down

So dance!
And let praises ring out of your mouth
Clap your hands
Let go of fears
The glory of the Lord is covering the earth
I say, rejoice!

#TheSpiritOfTheMinstrel  #JustLikeDavid  #Psalms



I write because pens have superpowers to either change your perspectives or widen them.

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