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I am Peter

I am Peter
I am the one you heard of
Who walked on water
Though for a short moment
I rode the storms and ocean torrent
Till the wind became boisterous
And the waters less viscous
So I sank
And I cried 😢
And He held me
Yes I doubted
It wasn’t really what I wanted
That my faith be faulted
I am a man;👤
Not oblivious of the storm
But I am strong;
When I look upon His form
So again I walked
Yes I walked the torrents

I am Peter
The one you heard of
Who denied his master
Thrice I lied
Till the cock crowed🐓
I wish I died

What is wrong with me!
Can’t I do anything right?!
My tears called for help
Till my eyes sank in my skull
Talking of the skull
There was my Master crucified
Golgotha they called it
“the place of the skull”💀
I went back to my occupation
I heard the Masters salutation
He is risen!
There I told Him
“I love you”

I am Peter
The one you heard of
Filled with the Holy Spirit and Power
Preached 3,000 to Christ
My failures are history
No longer my story
My master the strength that carries me

I lose focus sometimes
But I get back on my feet
A word is enough to make me
Walk on water

I am Peter
I hope you are too.



I write because pens have superpowers to either change your perspectives or widen them.

4 thoughts on “I am Peter

  1. yeah right
    we don’t have to focus on our failures ‘cos seriously ,they can’t help us .Our success story is in our rising up and standing, against all odds.
    The less focus we place on our failures, the more we are able to focus on God’s purpose for us.

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