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Altar boy

He is the perfect picture 

of a perfect life

Inspiration for a better life 

He sings the hymn

and preach the word

So no one cares to pray for him 


He’s beaten and weary 

He’s washed out daily

He cries in secret 

For strength is failing 

And then He’s back 

For shepherd duties 

So no one cares to pray for him 


His children lack their heart desires

Their mates in school have better attires

But they give a smile that sparks a fire

So no one cares to pray for him


Then you come to tell your story 

’bout how life’s been so messy 

Empty handed, no gift to offer 

Yet he lays his hands and gives a blessing 


A gravid wife 

Coeval strife 

A simple life 

And all you see? 

The answers you seek


My heart goes out to the altar boy

Who has learnt to be a man

Who has learnt to put his trust 

in the One he serves


My heart goes out to the altar boy

who is poured out daily… 


He has learnt to say, 








I write because pens have superpowers to either change your perspectives or widen them. I am the guy Jesus loves. I am @pneumapoet on IG

7 thoughts on “Altar boy

  1. The neglect of the Levites is evident in our societies today. I guess more people are getting weary of the get-rich-fast-or-die-trying preacher’s who cart all the offerings and tithes into their personal bank accounts. The good ones still abound and we should not be weary of well-doing.
    This post is really moving. If there were a platform for poetry where you worship maybe you can consider reading it to an audience. Very beautiful!


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