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When I ponder on my journey;

My heart skips beats, plays out of tune and strikes freak-out chords.

Fixing my gaze on You has taught me what it means to travel light with no worries.

©’Seye Maj

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No more theory Lord
Take me into an experience!
Beyond the exegesis Lord
I wanna know You. Like… KNOW you.
Don’t wanna be no robot
Just wanna love You for real
Just wanna say the words as they come
No bother for theological soundness
The warmth of Your embrace
Euphoria in sunset
The kisses of Your lips
Sweeter than wine
What thesis can’t give
This moment can offer

©’Seye Maj

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​Hello there! 

I was having this seemingly awkward thoughts of recent, and I just felt to resolve my thoughts on my last two posts- “Exposure”. 

So I hope this doesn’t come out wrong, but I just feel that when it comes to believing God’s word for what it really is, can I be intentionally brainwashed (in a good way😵) such that I believe everything— every single thing God says?😀

So, I know the term “brainwashing” really sounds wrong. But really, this is how I see the process of renewing the mind. It’s some good kinda brainwashing and cleansing. 

I believe God is good and He deserves to be followed blindly! 

That sounds wrong too right? Haha!😂 

I choose to follow Him blindly and build crazy convictions about the truths of His kingdom. 

We have allowed our minds to stay on lies from the devil and by so doing, allowed him rob us of our stability in the faith.  We need some mind-cleansing! 

Okay let’s imagine crazy! 

How many believe that God can restore an amputated leg? 😯

Now that’s crazy! 😱

Can He do it? Yes! 

Do we believe? 

Not exactly… 

It sounds crazy because your mind has believed lies, that God ain’t good, God’s angry, it’s God’s will for you to be sick, God has illnesses He’d rather not heal! Aaargh!😒

You see! We need to be brainwashed!… Again! 

Stay in the word. It works 
P.S: If this whole thought on exposure has blessed you, I’ll love to hear from you in the comment box. 

‘Seye Maj

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Part 2… Convictions

“The danger of exposure is this; once you’ve been EXPOSED, you can’t be UNEXPOSED. Once I’ve SEEN something, I can’t UNSEE it. Once I’ve FELT something, I can’t UNFEEL it…”.  Pastor Dharius Daniels, Kingdom Church, New Jersey. 

For me, I have come to understand that this is how we build our convictions on the things that pertain to God and His word. I feel it’s not enough to hear someone say “God loves you”. You’ve got to be convinced about it. 

It takes a heart that is open to be assured. It’s time for the eyes of the church to be open to see the reality and truths of God’s  word, and build our convictions about it. 

It is true that the scriptures tell us that we are healed, made righteous (1Cor 5:21), justified (Romans 5:1) etc 

But if we are not assured of all these, it just doesn’t make any sense.

This is my sincere thought. 

I feel it’s our responsibility to bask constantly in the truth of God’s word.

Stay on the word. Stay in it. Stay with it. Stay through it. 

The more we behold God’s word, the more our souls align with its truths (2Cor 3:18).

All we need to do is EXPOSE ourselves to God’s word.  If you REALLY see something, you can’t UNSEE it. It becomes part of you. It becomes your life statement.

Really, if God’s word says I am healed, then I am!  Why doubt? 
What exactly does it cost to believe that you, as a believer, have been justified, you now have peace with God, God ain’t mad at you? 

What does it cost to believe that your citizenship is in heaven, you can’t please God by your righteousness, You’ve got God’s righteousness?!

What does it cost to believe that you’ve got authority in Christ Jesus?! 


Expose yourself to the truths of God’s word. The more we stay in it, the more we become it. 

That’s exposure! 

Once you’ve been exposed, you can’t be unexposed. You are convicted, assured! 
“…I ask… your eyes focused and clear, so that you can see exactly what it is He is calling you to do, grasp the immensity of this glorious way of life He has for Christians…”   Ephesians 1:17-18

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Part 1… Our Problem is Indulgence 

A little bit of experience here and there has framed my thought pattern on this concept of exposure. Growing up for me has helped me see that there are huge life statements we make because of the things we expose ourselves to. They DEFINE us. In the long run, we BECOME what we are exposed to! And that could be “wow!” or ScARy…😱

Young people may not get to understand when the older generation tell them not to listen to this music, see that movie or attend that party until they begin to see the impacts of these things that have come to become scars in their minds! 

It’s easy to say “life goes on”, if only it goes on without the scars. Amen?🙋

But then the scars remain, and begin to define our life patterns. We begin to tend towards the things we opened our eyes, ears and hearts to. 

Not everyone who steals really wants to be a thief, you know. 

Not everyone who is promiscuous really wants to be. 

Not everyone  who is a porn addict really wants to be one. 

But then they made life defining choices. They were exposed to these things that seemed so harmless at first, but have now become life statements. They got caught in a web that was ignorantly woven tight.

I really hope someone reading this understands. 

The things we open ourselves to sincerely look benign at first. Reeeaalllly harmless, until you discover it’s difficult to let go. 

Our problem is INDULGENCE! 

But on the flip side, the solution is still in EXPOSURE! 

1 John 3:2 (MSG)  “But friends, that’s exactly who we are: children of God. And that’s only the beginning. Who knows how we’ll end up! What we know is that when Christ is openly revealed, we’ll see him–and in seeing him, become like him”.

As one who has put his trust in Jesus, I understand that your personality, your tendencies are still what they are when you first opened up to Jesus.

What changed? 

You became a child of God, warts and all!

Now we have an opportunity to be better people simple by exposing ourselves to the person of Jesus!  As we behold Him in His Word,  in our worship, the chains of our tendencies begin to fall off as we become more like Him!

Wow! We expose ourselves to Him, the truth of the gospel, and we are changed! 

In one separate process of exposure, our lives were messed up. However, in another superior process of exposure, we are renewed constantly. 

Our problem is indulgence 

But if I’m permitted, I’ll say our solution is indulgence(!)… Indulging in things of eternal value!  

…seeing Jesus