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​Hello there! 

I was having this seemingly awkward thoughts of recent, and I just felt to resolve my thoughts on my last two posts- “Exposure”. 

So I hope this doesn’t come out wrong, but I just feel that when it comes to believing God’s word for what it really is, can I be intentionally brainwashed (in a good way😵) such that I believe everything— every single thing God says?😀

So, I know the term “brainwashing” really sounds wrong. But really, this is how I see the process of renewing the mind. It’s some good kinda brainwashing and cleansing. 

I believe God is good and He deserves to be followed blindly! 

That sounds wrong too right? Haha!😂 

I choose to follow Him blindly and build crazy convictions about the truths of His kingdom. 

We have allowed our minds to stay on lies from the devil and by so doing, allowed him rob us of our stability in the faith.  We need some mind-cleansing! 

Okay let’s imagine crazy! 

How many believe that God can restore an amputated leg? 😯

Now that’s crazy! 😱

Can He do it? Yes! 

Do we believe? 

Not exactly… 

It sounds crazy because your mind has believed lies, that God ain’t good, God’s angry, it’s God’s will for you to be sick, God has illnesses He’d rather not heal! Aaargh!😒

You see! We need to be brainwashed!… Again! 

Stay in the word. It works 
P.S: If this whole thought on exposure has blessed you, I’ll love to hear from you in the comment box. 

‘Seye Maj



I write because pens have superpowers to either change your perspectives or widen them.

12 thoughts on “Brainwashed

  1. Wow,really awesome. It’s nothing but the truth. In d real sense it’s like being brainwashed ,it’s only the term that’s different. The process of renewal is one of rewashing to ensure a holy cleansing into the reality of our being.


  2. I love this! My brain is washed by the Word of God – what better cleansing agent is there! What he tells me in His Word is what I believe, and that’s all there is to it. Why would I even consider doubting the one who created the heaven and the earth? Stay in the Word! Amen!


  3. Once I’m exposed, I can never be unexposed,so I choose to be deliberately brainwashed, to leave a lasting impact in me.
    Once I’ve been brainwashed, I can never be the same again. Everything about me changes.
    My mind set,my reasoning, my imaginations, my belief………..EVERYTHING.

    thank you sir.

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  4. Lol really nice post. I choose to be brainwashed over and over again, you know it’s our Spirit that becomes born again when we receive the gift of Salvation and it takes a renewing of your mind to be able to fully work in the finished works of Christ(Rom12:2) I strongly believe Faith is a choice, if the Bible says faith comes by hearing the word of God and the just shall live by faith. So I live by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God. And knowing the exceeding greatness of his power and the riches of his glorious inheritance of the saints. I choose to be brainwashed over and over again just to LIVE BY EVERY WORD THAT PROCEED OUT OF GOD’S MOUTH. Glory!!!

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