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God of my journeys 

Hello there! 

It’s been a lil’ while since I last wrote here. Well, it’s a necessary break I had to take😕. 

I will like to share a thought on here, hoping it will bless someone. 

The last few weeks for me has been a lot. A lot of learning, though not pleasant. A lot of chastening. A couple of discouraging moments for me. It’s been… Crazy😨. I felt like I wasn’t getting anything right. Everywhere I turned, I kept on seeing how much I was getting it all wrong!  And my only comfort has been the consciousness that God is on this journey with me. 

In this season, He has helped me see how much I need to learn about life and ministry. When He began to show me where I had been falling short, He helped me realise that He wasn’t condemning me. No. He was helping me see how much I need His help on my journey. 

One major thing I learnt is that when God shows you where He is taking you to, He won’t just throw you there. He is not just a God of fulfillment. He is also a God of process.  

God wants His children to go through process, learn and come out “made”. So He shows us the truth about where we are at the moment, and helps us to improve on it. 

Writing this at this moment, I can only conclude that 

1. He is good, and He has my best interest at heart. 

2. Without controversy, He is the God of my journeys. He’s got my back and yours too. 

God is love. There is no fear in Him. He will not communicate by fear or some sort of terror. He desires to see His children come out just like Him; blameless, without offence.  

I hope this blessed you. 

‘Seye Maj 



I write because pens have superpowers to either change your perspectives or widen them.

10 thoughts on “God of my journeys 

  1. It blesses me to see what God is doing in your life, brother. Such a revelation you have had through this process. Yes, God is a God of process. And His process is always a vehicle for our growth. God bless you on your journey.

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