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…breeds contempt

A metaphor

The radiance of her face on a bright sunny day
The sway of her garment in the wind
The beauty that pulls you in her pleasantness
Nobility visible in every step
Virtue in her countenance
She is ointment to the eyes
Sweet smelling savor to the senses

Don’t get too close though.
Don’t get too close;
Lest you see her linen and scorn her
Lest you see the flaws of her body and despise her

Don’t get too close;
Lest you see the moles on her breasts, and they aren’t as perfect as you thought.
Lest you become presumptuous, and her form and curves count no more

Don’t get too close;
Lest you get too acquainted with the kisses of her lips and you lose interest in what you once longed for.
Lest you begin to treat as common the locking of your eyes and the holding of your hands
And there is no more regard for the moments you shared together.

Honor becomes contempt
Beauty returns to ashes
And you denounce her where you once praised her

You are getting too familiar

©‘Seye Maj 



I write because pens have superpowers to either change your perspectives or widen them.

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