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Pneuma tales

In the beginning…
He hovered upon the face of the deep.
He was there at the birthing of light
And bore witness to the making of God’s image.
He was there when the morning stars sang together
And all the sons of God shouted for joy.
He marked the demarcations of the earth
And the boundaries of the waters.
He planted Eden with The Highest
And adorned it for Adam’s rest.
He is the breath that swept the skies
Garnished and embroidered the heavens.

He was the energy that moved with David’s sling
And the virtue in the sound of his harp
The East Wind that drove back the sea
And caused my feet to walk on dry ground.

In another beginning…
The Mighty One became a seed planted in a virgin’s womb
More than anything ever heard or seen,
Brought forth a Man full of God.

Dead men walked
Lame men danced

And Man full of God?
Took an evening stroll on the waters of Galilee!

He was there when The Chosen hanged on a tree
And was poured out as the consummation of all sacrifices.
He was unruffled,
For by the breath of His mouth
In three days pulled Him out of Hades
In three days, there was none like Him
In three days was declared the Son of God with power
In three days He led captivity captive
And set at liberty all who were and will be bound.

We see yet another beginning…
He who hovered upon the face of the deep
And was planted in a virgin’s womb
Has been planted in our hearts
That we might be named by the name of The Chosen
And walk in the light of His countenance as Men full of God.

‘Seye Maj



I write because pens have superpowers to either change your perspectives or widen them.

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