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Someday, I will write a story
I will tell a tale of how I got here.
Unashamed, I will sing of my journeys
Y’all will hear the chronicles of pitfalls and platform rise
Y’all will hear of the errors that plagued my passage
And the grace that strengthened my heart, hands and feet.

Someday, I will give an oration
Multitudes will hear of Your faithfulness.
Someday I will…
Men will learn to submit to process by the things You taught me;

Pressure produced patience
And in turn taught me discernment
I learnt to hope
And see Your love as part of my voyage
I learnt to be a son
Years after I was born
I learnt to be a prince and see royalty in my veins
I learnt to know the spirit of a crown
And understand what it means to be a king
By purifying my heart,
I learnt to see You in everything

Someday, I will tell of how my high places
Became a highway for me to ride
How your secret place
Is where I hide
And the sustaining power of your unending grace…

©’Seye Maj



I write because pens have superpowers to either change your perspectives or widen them.

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