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I don’t believe in fairies

I know you love all them fiction stories
Of how the hero dies
And comes back to life
I know you love all them mythical stuff
The thoughts of a dragon
Rescuing the Jupiter Princess
Or whatever name she bears

It’s fine
Really, It is.

Good daydreaming, I say.

Life’s not really as the movies make it look
Some things show up you won’t see in a storybook
Sometimes you have to fight for the things your errors took
And opportunities come as baits on a fishing hook

Look, I don’t believe in fairies
There’s a happily-ever-after that’s only possible in the Father
But I never rule out the likelihood of hurts
And the prospects of a bright future
We will be fine ‘cos we live, move and have our being in Him

But it doesn’t change the fact that fairy tales are not my thing
Tell me, why won’t Cinderella ever get in an argument with her boyfriend??
And fairy godmother is just the perfect godmother?
Snow White is always at peace with her dwarfs?
And she’s got no pimples on her face?

I really don’t care if Tinker Bell dies
But I remain steadfast in my unbelief

©’Seye Maj 



I write because pens have superpowers to either change your perspectives or widen them.

9 thoughts on “I don’t believe in fairies

  1. I definitely don’t see why I should put my trust in them when this awesome guys called Angels have been sent to minister for me(heb 1.14), this is way better than winged creatures in a Land far away…

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  2. This is quite funny but
    Most times those things we see or watch are not real.They don’t happen in reality.If we choose to believe them we will just be shocked at the result.Just like sometimes the cake is all beautiful to behold when the icing has been put,but sometimes try to cut out the cake,trust me you don’t want to eat it.Its either it’s burnt or suggary or has too much fruits and all of that.
    I think that’s how reality and fairies are.But we choose to live a real life which can only be found in Christ Jesus.


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