About Me

wp-1464822068163.jpgI’m a young man with a dream to reach out to the world at the speed of light! But I think I’d rather chill and give myself to God’s process of making.

And yes! I’m a Christian. 

I love good music and I adore hillsong. 

I have a thing for poetry. I love that I can hide behind the words and be mischievous 😉

Food? I’m not really choosy. 

I read books, and I’m very particular about the content. 

Well, guess that’s all there is to it. 


7 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I love your wriings, but on today’s I was not able to leave a comment so I am leaving it here. It’s incredibly writtem. I love to praise the Lord, and you lifted the Spirit of praise beautifully. Be blessed!


  2. This is one great post about yourself. I didn’t really come up with something so informative about myself in my blog. Keep up the good work. And, Yes, you have a lovely smile. Hope to read more from you.


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