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I have called you the focus of my love.
My love does not produce fear, but calls you into dimensions of courage and soundness of mind.
I call you to rest in the reality of my affections and lean into the melodies of my lovesong.
My hand is constantly stretched out for you to hold on to when your heart fails and the walls are craving in.
I see it all.
I know it all.
Not from a distance, but as near as the throbbing of your heart.
I’m with you in the hurtful flames and the pressures of a transient world.
In all of these, my heart desire is that you see that my love for you is louder than the voices that travel with the wind.
See, I hear your heart call for help
But you also need to hear my voice shouting back, “Grace! Grace!”

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I hear loud sounds of rejoicing in the camp of the righteous. Loud sounds of praise going up to heavens hemisphere. I hear the song of the victors as they march the streets of Zion, as they cry with loud shouts of joy, for the lamb has overcome. 

From the east to the west, the revelation of His love is expressed Men are set free from the fears that held them in captivity. 

Who are these ones who have come to know the joyful sound? They are the ones who just tasted. They saw and they declare that Yahweh is good. They have vowed to make His praises known, to testify of His goodness unto them; Bringing them out of darkness into light by the hands of them whom He has ordained to shine as lights and sweet smelling fragrance on the earth. 

Oh how beautiful is their  song! The ears of the earth is full of these melodious sounds. This is the season of praise. Praise like no other. Stomping of feet like herds of wildebeests. For the kingdom of our God and His Christ has come to us in power,  in righteousness, in peace, in joy,  rejoicing in the Holy Ghost! 

Something is happening! My mouth can’t explain, but my heart understands.  

Let the shouts in Zion cease not. Let the rejoicing of the believer cease not. Let the songs of praise cease not. Something is happening. 

He who sits on the throne lets out a sound, drawing all men unto Himself. Hosts of angels are at work with the inhabitants of Zion. Mighty works of His power like never before is displayed in the eyes of the earth. I rejoice at Your works. Something is happening! 

Who will hear this sound and resist? For He has not called you unto perdition. At the sound of this trumpet, Let the dwellers of the earth run. Let they of the world run! Run to the Father’s call. Run! Run! 

I hear this sound resound all over the earth. The great harvest has come!  The sickle has been let out. Let them run! Let them run to the rising of the sun. 

Something is happening. 

1 Timothy 1:18 KJV

This charge I commit unto thee, son Timothy, according to the prophecies which went before on thee, that thou by them mightest war a good warfare;

‘Seye Maj

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Early will I rise to praise You
For among thorns You have lifted me
You have set me on high
And have caused me to ride the winds
Angels behold your wondrous works
Kings of nations stand in awe
Of what You are doing among the sons of men

Oh we will praise You
For out of us You have raised kings
You made the impossible possible
Making us leap for joy

Rejoice Zion!
Your day of visitation has come again
Rejoice God’s angels!
For your eyes will see
The manifestations of the sons of God

Grace has visited the earth
Love oozes out of our hearts
God’s Spirit is on the move again
Generations to come will not recover

Good news has come to the inhabitants of the earth
Shock will grip all who hear
For it shall be too wondrous to listen to

So rejoice!
For your day of visitation has come
No one will be able to hold you down

So dance!
And let praises ring out of your mouth
Clap your hands
Let go of fears
The glory of the Lord is covering the earth
I say, rejoice!

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This write up will be serving as an intro to this new category, “Inspired Writings”.

There are moments as people who have given themselves to the worship of our Father when the Spirit of God breathes on us, by taking advantage of the atmospheres we have created for His expression.

What happens then?

He inspires us!  For many, He speaks to you of things to come. For many again, He brings to your remembrance the things that matter. He stirs up ideas.

In essence, the prophetic finds expression.

For me, these moments produce songs by the Spirit, inspired writings (Psalms) spontaneously.

What are Psalms?

They have a musical heritage. However, psalms are collections of prayers, poems and hymns that focus the worshiper’s thoughts on God in praise and adoration. Psalms can also be prophetic as seen in many psalms in the bible.

I have therefore chosen to share some of these writings here. I hope they edify, exhort and comfort you.

“…but be filled with the Spirit; speaking to yourselves in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs… “ Ephesians 5:18-19

I call you blessed!