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To dad


All I ever wanted was to hear you speak to me again, repeat the same instructions you once gave. Perhaps this time, I really will understand.  But then you left me in the gloom of my errors. My heart sank and my tears called for you. But you were nowhere to be found. 

Could it be that you had given up on me so soon? Could it be that you stopped believing?

When you tore me off the snare of the limelight, were you just going to leave me in the dark shadows that plagued my days? 

I bring not a railing accusation against  you, for the same words you did not repeat to my heart have in the silence of my exile created pathways for my life

I long again to hear the wisdom on your lips, sit before your face to see them come alive with passion. I long to know again the extents of your love, the comfort you communicate in your words. And beyond being my father, I’d love to be your friend one more time, have those late night talks and prayers at dusk. 

I hope someday you will believe in me again.  You will see beyond my minds limitations and love on me again. You will no longer see the child I once was, but you will see the man I have become. And you will point me to Jesus again on a wider perspective. 

I love you pops. 

Your son. 

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To Poimēn

Dear sir,
I once was lost
Honestly, I really was lost.
The Word had a cost
My price was a must
Or so I thought.
Thank you for teaching me that Jesus paid it all
That I have been made just like Him
As beautiful as He is.
Had I not learnt that He always has my back
I’d be a victim of many circumstances
Subject to pressures of this system
Thank you Poimēn.
You taught me responsibility as a son in my Father’s house.
You taught me to pray hours upon hours
Till I see His kingdom come.
Oh I prayed till I felt heaven in my body
Bolts of lightning flashing through my veins
I prayed till light flooded my soul
And my eyes showed His glory.
Thank you Poimēn.
You taught me to stay with God’s word and believe all it says till I began to see it’s truths breakout!
Oh and it did break out.
My eyes are enlightened daily to see all that He has made me.
Such boldness to lay hands on the sick that they may recover.
The prophetic has become a norm because you taught me it’s meant to be so.
The things of the Spirit are no more mysterious because you taught me not to think so.
One thing I will desire;
Don’t stop believing in me and us.
Our ears long to hear you say to us,
“Way to go! Well done!”
Our eyes long to see the look on your face that says, “I know you can do it. You are getting better. Keep pushing son!”
And when we lead your worship or anchor your services, we long to see your nods of approval.
Oh our souls are lifted by these.
And when you chastise us, we hope you draw us close quickly lest we are discouraged in our hearts.
Don’t give up on us too soon, even when we don’t get it right.
Don’t ever get tired of believing again.


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To my friend with a white dog

Dear you,
I write because I have a mind
I write because my mind’s got memories
I write because these memories don’t go off easy.
I miss seeing your face and the smile you had to offer
The long walks to my house and the long walks back
I miss the moments of truth and the talks from the heart
The passion in your eyes for the things that touch your depths
I miss the smallness of your frame, full of love and friendly hugs
I miss all these and even more.
Then you went far away to a place not so familiar and you got too familiar.
I tried reaching out to you ‘cos I saw you had many cares.
I prayed hoping that you will see that you have all you need in all the love that surrounds you.
But you shut me out and put me behind bars.
It hurt so much, stung my eyes with heated tears.
I still believe in who you are becoming.
Greatness lies ahead of you.
I hope you will someday look back and remember you once had a friend in me.
I still miss you.