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Thank you 

Dear Father, 
I know I forget to remember 
To see the works of your hands 
To see the supply of your grace 

I know I forget to remember 
To give thanks for all you’ve given 
And look forward to the promises I believe in

I know I forget to remember 
To trust in hope 
And see that the future speaks of possibilities 

So tonight I want to say thank you 
For the love you’ve shown 
For the grace you’ve given 
For the comfort of your presence 
For the light that guides my path 

Thank you for friends that you gave 
Gifts that transcend the values we place 
Thank you for the times we joyed 
And the times we had to believe for a miracle 

I will never forget the life you gave 
For me to have an eternity with you 
Thank you for now and 
The resurrection of my body to come 

And I’m grateful for bleak futures 
For which I can trust in you for light to shine
Thank you for the gift of a sound 
And stories worth the hearing of men

Thank you the strength you stirred 
While I crushed under the weight of my tears
I am aware your works are good 
And your gifts beautiful and divine 

Thank you for the songs you gave 
The ones I sang in my darkest hours 
They helped me remember 
That though my eyes can’t see you 
My heart responds to the assurance in your Word

Thank you for my many blessings The gift of a family that bears your name
Where  the love is all that matters
And when our hearts fail, 
We have a company to whom we return. 

There’s a lot to be grateful for
Help me to always remember 
That in all,  you remain a good Father. 

‘Seye Maj 

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After all

​After all, 
It was not a waste.
Though now feels like  labours washed through a basket,
My heart will trust and hope in the best. 
My tears will call for vengeance,
Not havoc to wreak 
But for my children to be preserved. 
That they be nourished with all their soul requires 
And their hearts be steadfast in the love of the Father. 

I only desire that they remain devoted to the Father’s heart, 
The truth of His person and nature. 
That they remain sincere and without offence to the integrity of His will. 
That they love honestly, yet unwavering in the face of adversity
And someday, I’ll look back and smile with content that it was not a waste after all. 

‘Seye Maj 

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​The unexplainable dares me 
To tell my story to all who seek to know
But I fear ears may not comprehend 
The vacuum in the words I sow
Oh your heart may not be fertile for them to grow
Except you fuse your heart with mine
Perhaps, you’ll hear the intensity of my heart cry 
And your knees will touch heaven again
That my heart be strong as the moments try

‘Seye Maj 

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He hears 

​Where do I go from here? 
My heart is held on to the things I hold dear
And I never doubt that my Abba is always near 
But I’m weary and my soul pierced with many fears
That I may break under the weight of my silent tears
I know I call and He hears 
But I don’t want to be drowned in the sea of my cares 
So I cast them… 
Abba I cast upon you my cares 
Cos I know I call and He hears 

‘Seye Maj  

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I look forward to these moments where my heart speaks to yours 
And yours responds to mine
Where my song is beyond sounds 
And your presence is peace to the raging storms 
Where your smile calls me into the depths 
Daily drawing me to the core of your love 

My heart desire,
Let these moments constantly set my heart on fire 
Denying cupid’s shot arrows makes me a liar 

Àdùnní so better keep setting this heart on fire
With huge doses of love 
Till we grow wings to fly beyond the clouds 
Into the blissful atmospheres of heaven

‘Seye Maj 

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I know everything in this system has something bad to say. 
Schedules and deadlines hit me at moon time while I lay 
Fears and tears may seem to define today 
And the pressures tempt my heart to rather not pray

But I pray that I be bold to face the demands of everyday 
That I be aware of Your Spirit making clear the paths along my way

Oh I pray I be bold to see You even when the skies are grey 
And my heart is confident that You always shine out with bright rays
Leading me against the storms and all that screams no or nay! 
I ask that I be strong to dare this path again and again

I pray that Your promises will come alive to me daily
That my will be resolute 
My emotions firm and unperturbed 
My mind sound and fearless
That I fully express the reality of who I am, 
The one who has not a Spirit of fear

‘Seye Maj 

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My eyes captured thorns 
Thorns that hurt my soul. 
The moment I choose to look
Every moment the roses call my name, 
My eyes capture thorns 
The thorns that hurt my soul. 

This place I chose to be 
For the false beauty I see 
Is the land of tricksters and goblins 
Where roses hurt your soul 
But the little fairies yell you to run! 

‘Seye Maj 

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Though it be said that the world is sore 
And her organs hurt so much more,
Though men roam the streets as ghosts
And the paths before them uncertain,
I pray that I see differently.
That I see as you see.
That I do not see men as trees.
But I see the priority of Your heart.

May I feel your tender tugging at strayed hearts as though they were mine.
That I may love the way you do 
And see possibilities where none are found 
Because my eyes now see God in everything.


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Once I limited miracles to lightning bolts 
The beauty of the red even sky
Making my heart strum chords of awe 
Heaven knows the full silver moon 
Draws my soul to tabernacle among the stars 

Well these days,  I see that
There are also miracles in broken vessels 
And music in raging storms 
Tears can sparkle in love 
And our fears birthing boldness 
Tearing from inside like claps of thunder

Our lives burst out in colors as dynamites break the rock to pave way for hidden waters

Miracles are what we see 
When we truly see that
God is in the midst of her
And she cannot be moved

Seye Maj