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He’d rather lurk in the shadows
The safety of his comfort
A ghost of the night
Master beneath the moonlight
The longing of men to behold
For the beauty of his countenance
And the sonority of his harp

Then the stars converged
For the fear of this one
A threat to their sparkle
Or so they thought
War they waged
Oh they raged

They sought the counsel of the moon
The sage of the skies
To silence this one
That he may thrive no more

They forget that they excel in splendor
And are the beauty of the night skies
They forget he is the reflection of their shine
And his glory is ultimately theirs

To them, He is the terror of the night
Minds spooked by the beauty of the ghost
Threatened by his transient applause

Little do they know
That the earth desires the stars
More than a pretty ghost
For he can only offer what they have to give

The sage understands
But the stars?
They know so little

Seye Maj

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a love tale

There lived once a guy
Who had a breath…
Not that no one else breathes,
As you all know.
But his breath differs.

Well, along his path
Came a damsel
With the power to make his breath count

He is the breather
And she is the witch

She wields the power to make a heart skip it’s rhythm
And her face shines the light that blinds your vanity
Her craft is not hostile
And her powers spark honest fires

The appearance of The Fairest
Made the breather breathe

The witch is The Fairest

The breather…
There is magic in his breath
And like the story of our Genesis
Their love became a living being
So real,
Morning stars sang together
And leapt for joy
So real,
Can only be compared to Eden in
All her beauty.

No one knows the end of this tale.
I do not know myself.

The ancient Breather still has a breath
And his lady still makes it count.

‘Seye Maj

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God in da hood

I love the house of God. Don’t you?
I love the church and everything she stands for.
But today I think I’m just gonna point out something we need to work on. I hope it’s okay with you.

So here it is:
“I think I have a problem with us.”
“Anything to worry about?”
“Yes! We have become addicted to the church building!”

We pray to have amazing services and see mighty things happen in our midst. Of course, there’s nothing wrong in that. The church is the place where we are built to maturity and equipped for the work of ministry. But then, there is so much energy in the church that is not channeled to the streets!
So, there it is. We have a problem!
The last I remember of the Great Commission, Jesus said we should go into the world, not stay locked up in a church building!
I really don’t see why we can’t direct our passion in church to the streets.
Do you even know how many people need Jesus? How many lost people there are in your neighborhood?
Do you have an idea of how many unchurched people live on your block and need a church experience?
More than ever before, we need the church to bring God to the neighborhood!

God forbid that we are a people who are comfortable in some building and forget that our mandate is to the street.
God forbid that we will be a people that are blinded to the needs outside our church zone.

Let’s take the healing power of Jesus to the parks, slums and everywhere man is found.
The same atmospheres we have in our church meetings can be taken to dark alleys too.
The love of God transcends our imaginations, reaching to the depths of the soul of the seemingly unlovable.
Everyone therefore deserves a chance to hear the good news that God loves them and wants to do life with them.
No man should be robbed of the chance to either choose or reject Jesus.

But somehow, we don’t seem to know that people really wanna break free from the chains that hold them in. There’s just something in every man that longs for some higher satisfaction- God.

“If I be lifted up from the earth, I will draw all men to myself…” Jesus

“Who desires all men be saved, and all should come to the knowledge of the truth”. Paul, the Apostle

I’m challenged to give people a God-opportunity by offering them a church experience.
What about you?

Great Sunday morning.

‘Seye Maj

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Restoring Sanity

I believe God is with me, and I hope you do too.

Of recent, my thoughts have revolved around a mindedness of the presence of God.
I believe that the church believes what the Bible teaches and not what the TVs communicate. I hope so.
If God’s word says “I will never leave you nor forsake you” Heb 12:5, and it says the Holy Spirit is always with the believer (John 14:17), then we must believe it totally.

I live in a generation where we judge the presence of God by the spectacular.
I live in a generation where we judge the presence of God by our emotional state. So to us, God is only there when our minds feel so, and God is not in the not-so-exciting situations

We must teach our hearts that we walk by faith and not by sight.
That you don’t feel it does not mean God is not in it!
If He said “I will never leave”, then He meant it.
I live in a generation where our faith is base on what our eyes can see and our senses can relate with.
That is carnal. We were not like this.
Jesus made one of the most profound foundational statements about our Christianity.

John 20:29 KJV
“Jesus saith unto him, Thomas, because thou hast seen me, thou hast believed: blessed are they that have not seen, and yet have believed”.

That set the pace for our faith walk.
If we will believe what God’s word says about God’s presence, we will come to see that:
God’s presence is God Himself
God’s presence is not something we invite everyday.
God’s presence is constant.

It’s time for this Christian generation to come back to her senses!
Whether you have God-bumps (goosebumps) in a prayer or worship meeting; or it just feels like a regular day lifting up hands to praise, and not feeling all the holiness and splendor of heaven, God is in it!
Except, of course, you have a faith problem.

I live in a generation where we judge the effectiveness of a prayer moment by our senses. And we judge the anointing (God’s call) on a minister by how much “presence” he carries into a gathering.
Now, the 21st century church guy wants everything to be spooky, weird and mystical.
Jesus was not a weirdo when He walked the earth. Yes, He healed the sick, raised the dead and cast out devils. All these are expected of us too as believers. For us, this is natural.

Mark 16:17-18 KJV
And these signs shall follow them that believe; In my name shall they cast out devils; they shall speak with new tongues; [18] They shall take up serpents; and if they drink any deadly thing, it shall not hurt them; they shall lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover.

But He wasn’t spooky. His discussions were simple. I mean, everyone could stand a conversation with Him. He was the young, handsome story telling man, who loved people and couldn’t stand them being oppressed.
And yes, He was a gentleman too.

What should be our focus?
God’s kingdom!

What really matters now is to see God’s kingdom find full expression all over the earth.

We spread the Word
We pray down the reign of His kingdom.
We seek God’s interest first. The supernatural is not far away.

The supernatural is here. And if you don’t feel it, it doesn’t mean God is not in it.

‘Seye Maj

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Truth on memory lane

My heart latches on to the eternal revelation of Your love on my heart
Sounds and chants
Tongues beyond our fatherland…
The extent to which my heart reaches out to You.
To love on You…

I’m drawn into the depths of the realms of Your love
As I feel it wash over me
A breath of life
A warmth of light
Purest essence of You
Glows within me
To shine for You

I pray the moon will not hide herself
And the stars will keep being stars
That I never forget that You are a big part of my life’s little details
And the night breeze reminds me of Your loving gentle embrace

That I never forget that I am at the centre of Your love
And your plans- the big picture I’ll one day see
But as for the pieces I have now
I will be grateful for each one
And wait patiently till it all comes together
That I may always reflect Your beauty even in the littlest things

I pray I will always remember
To be grateful for The Fairest
And the gift of love–
Reflecting these colors just the way You would

To see through Your eyes
And have passion for what aches Your heart
And in all, To be You through me.

To be the sound on Your lips to the world around me
And let them hear where others won’t tell…

Abba loves us


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I don’t believe in fairies

I know you love all them fiction stories
Of how the hero dies
And comes back to life
I know you love all them mythical stuff
The thoughts of a dragon
Rescuing the Jupiter Princess
Or whatever name she bears

It’s fine
Really, It is.

Good daydreaming, I say.

Life’s not really as the movies make it look
Some things show up you won’t see in a storybook
Sometimes you have to fight for the things your errors took
And opportunities come as baits on a fishing hook

Look, I don’t believe in fairies
There’s a happily-ever-after that’s only possible in the Father
But I never rule out the likelihood of hurts
And the prospects of a bright future
We will be fine ‘cos we live, move and have our being in Him

But it doesn’t change the fact that fairy tales are not my thing
Tell me, why won’t Cinderella ever get in an argument with her boyfriend??
And fairy godmother is just the perfect godmother?
Snow White is always at peace with her dwarfs?
And she’s got no pimples on her face?

I really don’t care if Tinker Bell dies
But I remain steadfast in my unbelief

©’Seye Maj 

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Someday, I will write a story
I will tell a tale of how I got here.
Unashamed, I will sing of my journeys
Y’all will hear the chronicles of pitfalls and platform rise
Y’all will hear of the errors that plagued my passage
And the grace that strengthened my heart, hands and feet.

Someday, I will give an oration
Multitudes will hear of Your faithfulness.
Someday I will…
Men will learn to submit to process by the things You taught me;

Pressure produced patience
And in turn taught me discernment
I learnt to hope
And see Your love as part of my voyage
I learnt to be a son
Years after I was born
I learnt to be a prince and see royalty in my veins
I learnt to know the spirit of a crown
And understand what it means to be a king
By purifying my heart,
I learnt to see You in everything

Someday, I will tell of how my high places
Became a highway for me to ride
How your secret place
Is where I hide
And the sustaining power of your unending grace…

©’Seye Maj

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Pneuma tales

In the beginning…
He hovered upon the face of the deep.
He was there at the birthing of light
And bore witness to the making of God’s image.
He was there when the morning stars sang together
And all the sons of God shouted for joy.
He marked the demarcations of the earth
And the boundaries of the waters.
He planted Eden with The Highest
And adorned it for Adam’s rest.
He is the breath that swept the skies
Garnished and embroidered the heavens.

He was the energy that moved with David’s sling
And the virtue in the sound of his harp
The East Wind that drove back the sea
And caused my feet to walk on dry ground.

In another beginning…
The Mighty One became a seed planted in a virgin’s womb
More than anything ever heard or seen,
Brought forth a Man full of God.

Dead men walked
Lame men danced

And Man full of God?
Took an evening stroll on the waters of Galilee!

He was there when The Chosen hanged on a tree
And was poured out as the consummation of all sacrifices.
He was unruffled,
For by the breath of His mouth
In three days pulled Him out of Hades
In three days, there was none like Him
In three days was declared the Son of God with power
In three days He led captivity captive
And set at liberty all who were and will be bound.

We see yet another beginning…
He who hovered upon the face of the deep
And was planted in a virgin’s womb
Has been planted in our hearts
That we might be named by the name of The Chosen
And walk in the light of His countenance as Men full of God.

‘Seye Maj

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Beyond the hurts that scarred my heart
And the horrors that bedevilled the night
I live in a far greater reality
Beyond the stars of the heavens

Beyond the battles that ravaged our lands
And savage diseases that plagued the children
There is a place beyond the rivers
A place I call home.

Mysterious it is,
That I am here
And I am there

For where I am,
Hurts are no hurts
and plagues are no plagues
How dare I try to give an explanation?

Ask no questions,
I am more than what you see
I’m right at home.

‘Seye Maj

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Prophecy: Our Response 

Hello there! 

I trust this series has been a blessing to you as much as  it has been a huge blessing to me. If you haven’t read any of the previous thoughts  please do read the first one here and the second one, which talks about the effects of prophecy on the believer here.

Today, I hope to write briefly on what our response should be to prophecies. 

Now, one very important thing the Bible teaches us is this; 

Despise not prophesyings. 1 Thessalonians 5:20

This implies that, in the ultimate, our response to prophecy is honor.  

One tendency we must always look out for is Familiarity,  especially in church/believer circles where the prophetic is a norm. We tend to get too familiar, such that when prophecies come, they no longer hold weight to us. We just hear them, get excited about them and forget about them. Then we begin to despise prophecies. 

Our response must be honor, no matter how many times you receive prophetic words in a day.  

One of the ways we honor prophecies is by writing. 

Habakkuk 2:2 KJV

And the Lord answered me, and said, Write the vision, and make it plain upon tables, that he may run that readeth it.

One great thought in that bible verse is that when you write, you run.  This is basic. When we write down the things God has said concerning us, they help us to remember God’s promises and hold on to them.  Putting down these things is strength for our journey.  

Going back to what you’ve written  helps you take stock of which of these promises you are already seeing in your life, and which ones have come to pass. This helps us to actually judge God faithful!  And the ones that are yet to be seen, this pushes you to pray some more! 

And yes! This is another way we respond to  prophecies. I remember in my last post that I said that prophecies furnish us, and how that Timothy was equipped by prophecy. 

1 Timothy 4:14 KJV

Neglect not the gift that is in thee, which was given thee by prophecy, with the laying on of the hands of the presbytery.

Then we see Paul telling Timothy in 2Tim 1:6 to stir up the gift of God In Him which He received. 

2 Timothy 1:6 KJV

Wherefore I put thee in remembrance that thou stir up the gift of God, which is in thee by the putting on of my hands.

When prophecies come to us, we stir up the reality communicated. Don’t just be passive. No. Don’t just write down prophecies. Pray them to reality. Call them to be. According to Romans 4:17, God calls the things that be not as though they were. If truly we are of His nature as believers, then we can also call things that are not as though they are.  We take authority by our words. 

Don’t just sit there. Act! Pray those prophecies to be. Call them forth in the name of Jesus

For example, If someone says to you by prophecy that there is an anointing upon you for some sort of leadership, you’ve just been equipped by prophecy! Begin to declare “I call forth this gift of God in me in the name of Jesus. I give expression to this anointing in my life!” Pray in tongues! Build yourself up into that reality. Stir it up! It is your responsibility! God will bring His words to pass, but He needs you to partner with Him in prayer. 

He wants you to seek, so you can find. He wants you to knock, that the door might be opened unto you. That’s how it works. 

Meditate on the promises you have written down. You can’t afford to be passive. 

If there are prophecies you are not seeing their manifestation yet, it’s okay. Stay with it. Pray through it. Believe through it! 

Another way we respond to prophecies is that we rejoice!  Yes. That is the response of someone who believes God’s word. 

Psalm 119:162 KJV

I rejoice at thy word, as one that findeth great spoil.

Laugh about it. Dance about it. Sing about it. God is faithful. That’s the response of someone who believes God’s word. 

I believe with this understanding, the new year is going to be amazing as we stay on God’s promises in the scriptures and His promises to us through personal prophecies, His promises to our local churches through prophetic words and His promises to our friends and families.

It can only get better! I call you victorious! 

From me to you, Happy New Year! 

‘Seye Maj